Sunday, December 5, 2010

Final Report PLN


This is a screenshot of my PLN. I do not use it as much as I thought I would. I do love the fact that it simplifies everything into one screen, however. These are the websites that I use the most. I have my bank, my credit card company, my Facebook, my Skype, the school Ii work for, and the University of South Alabama.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Summary Post c4t #4


My teacher was Jerrid W. Kruse. I learned a lot from reading his blog. He is avid about technology, however he does see the implications it could cause. In a study they found that kids were more interested in sharing responsibilities than learning new things. This could be great fro teaching teamwork and responsibility and even social skills however, this is not great for the lesson plan. I think by using the computers consistently for a while would cause the new to wear off and more work would get done!

Summary c4k

I have had the opportunity to read some pretty amazing blogs by some pretty amazing kids! My first blog I was assigned was Grace on the Go! She was in Ms. Yolli's class and she earned her own blog. She was selected by her outstanding work. She was very excited and honored to have her own blog. My favorite part about her blog was her Voki. It was a little dog that followed my mouse around the screen with his eyes! It was very neat!

My next C4K was Jess. He was from Adalaide and got to go to New Zealand. I was very jealous seeing as how I have never left the states. Come to think of it, I have not been past Mississippi to the west. The furthermost I have been North is to New York, but other than that I have been confined to this great state of Alabama.

My next kid was pretty amazing at describing what he saw outside! He used great adjectives to describe what he saw when he went outside. It was great writing for a child his age! He made me feel as if i was there and could see what he had seen. I loved reading his blog post!

My next post was Colin. He is in Mrs.Haugen's class. He is new to blogging, and he loves it. He works with a team and must comment on his team members blog each week. I told him how I just began blogging and how I love to work with my team members. I believe that it is such a great learning opportunity when you have to work with other people!