Sunday, November 21, 2010

Blog Post #13



ALEX stands for Alabama Learning Exchange. I have never heard of this term before, however it is an interesting website for teachers and aspiring teachers to be able to use. The best part of it for teachers is that it has lesson plans on there already. The plans meet state standards, so it is simple to get a quality lesson plan off of their website. Another great quality of this website is that you can post your lesson plans on there, as well. This way other teachers can review your work and give feedback. This creates a great way for teachers to communicate and share ideas.

This was a great assignment because many people do not know the opportunities and sources that educators have!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Additional Assignment #5

Tom Johnson's Adventures In Pencil Integration:

Just teach them to solve for x was an amazing post. This was the one I commented on. I love the sarcasm in this post. The entire post was about him using metaphors to teach and someone having a problem with this. As they were making their argument they downed his methods. However, while making her argument she uses metaphors herself. I just loved it!

Next was Sketch Portraits: Eighth Grade Identity and Pencils. This was a great metaphorical post! He describes the pencil as a variety of different things. Middle school students are going through a tough phase in their lives. One day they will love you ad one day they will hate you. They may have a multitude of personalities in a given week! You must be able to cope with it and help them along.

In the next one:  He Just Likes The Class For The Pencils, Mr.Spencer explains how you must have a relationship with your students. This is such an important concept that many teachers forget! You must give respect to someone if you expect respect to be given to you.

The  Medium Shapes The Learning explains to us that we must keep the child engaged! Please, everyone remember this. Keep your students interested in what you are doing in the classroom! Do not be a hard nosed teacher who demands nothing but burp back knowledge. Please, engage your students!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sunday, November 14, 2010

My Sentence!

Summary Response To Survey

Here is the link to my Summary! My Summary!!!

My survey was about mental and physical wellness. I am very concerned about the vast epidemic that is growing in our country. Obesity is becoming more and more common. College is really a turning point for many people. This is where they pick up many bad habits. They are no longer at home with well cooked meals. Most students are on their own! It is simple to stop by a fast food restaurant. Also, often times they simply do not have time to excercise. This leads to weight gain.

What I found was that many people do not get the recommended daily excercise. You should try to make time to excercise at least three times a week for thirty minutes a day in order to maintain your weight. I also was shocked that not as many people as eat fast food as often as I thought they would. One thing that is concerning though is the amount of stress that students are under. Many people said that they work and go to school. This is very stressful. You must take time to treat yourself to something you enjoy and use good stress management techniques. Stress can wear on your body as much as an unhealthy lifestyle.

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Blog Assignment #12

Watch these movies: Discovery Student Movies: Technology In The Classroom and Pay Attention

Write about how these make you feel as a future teacher.

Discovery Student Movies:Technology In the Classroom

This is such a creative video by these students. Technology is in our future whether you like it or not. We might as well embrace it. Let's make our students more technologically advanced citizens. Lets allow them to enjoy going to school. I want to know who made up the rule that school must be hard and boring?! It doesn't have to be! I want my students to be engaged in what I am teaching. I want them to be interested enough to apply it to their lives!! I Do NOT believe in "burp back" education.

Pay Attention

This is an amazing video! Like I said in the paragraph above, we must engage our students!!!!!!! They must be motivated to learn. We live in a time of technology! Our students must be able to analyze and apply the problems they come across. What good have you done if you expect your student to memorize your material the night before the test in order to get a passing grade?! You have not done any good for them in the long run!! They may get a good grade on that test, but what happens when they get to college?! How will their grades look then? You must put the student first! I believe in order to do that you must be a technologically literate teacher, and you must make your students technologically literate!

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Monday, November 8, 2010

Progress Report On Final Project

We have met with our group members (Hailey Rascoe, Christie Odom, Leigh Setser, and Leslie Ketchum). We have discussed ideas on our final project, and are ready to go! Well, not really, but we have some great ideas!!! We are going to meet again next week and knock this one out!


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Summary Post c4k October Style

So, I am very disappointed that I did not keep up with my students that I have been talking to this month! They have been amazing, however. I love talking to these students! I know they love knowing that people are interested in what they are doing. It inspires them to want to continue learning! it gives them such a wonderful, but different, perspective of learning. They are no longer just sitting in a classroom listening to a teacher ramble on. They are using the information they learn about to teach others! They discuss assignments with other classmates, and the world!

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Teach Someone Video!

How To Make A Facebook Account!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Blog Post #11

Little Kids....Big Potential
This is just an amazing video! It is so weird knowing that these kids are using things more proficiently than I am, and that I am just now learning about each of these technologies! Ms.Cassidy has done a wonderful job with her students. They are very educated in more than just "school". It is so inspiring. Many people would be against this, but it is so good to know that she has been through it and it works so well.
Discussion with Ms. Cassidy
Ms. Cassidy has been using technology for about ten years. She started when she got 5 new computers in her classroom. They wouldn't let her download any programs on them, however. This is when she decided to let them have blogs in order to further their learning! She starts teaching them about the computers at the beginning of the year.
Her students must h ave a permission slip signed in order to have their picture taken and put onto the blog. She does not correlate the children's names with their pictures. She, also, only uses their first names. This makes the children's parents feel better about this learning experience. The parents are very supportive of their child's learning. They can check on their child's progress right from home.
The children love this way of learning! They are very excited to get on their computer everyday! They love that people can look at their blogs and leave them comments!
Ms. Cassidy thinks that every teacher should be technologically literate! I agree with her! it will make your student's learning experience so much more entertaining. They will enjoy coming to school and learning if you have the most modern way of teaching!

C4T Summary Teacher #3

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I had some trouble, initially, leaving my teacher a comment. However, I did eventually get it! My teacher has such an adorable class!! I left my comments about their Halloween costumes. They were absolutely adorable! My first comment was about them making their pumpkins! It looked messy!! I think I would have loved to be in that Mrs. Cassidy's class as a child!