Sunday, November 14, 2010

Summary Response To Survey

Here is the link to my Summary! My Summary!!!

My survey was about mental and physical wellness. I am very concerned about the vast epidemic that is growing in our country. Obesity is becoming more and more common. College is really a turning point for many people. This is where they pick up many bad habits. They are no longer at home with well cooked meals. Most students are on their own! It is simple to stop by a fast food restaurant. Also, often times they simply do not have time to excercise. This leads to weight gain.

What I found was that many people do not get the recommended daily excercise. You should try to make time to excercise at least three times a week for thirty minutes a day in order to maintain your weight. I also was shocked that not as many people as eat fast food as often as I thought they would. One thing that is concerning though is the amount of stress that students are under. Many people said that they work and go to school. This is very stressful. You must take time to treat yourself to something you enjoy and use good stress management techniques. Stress can wear on your body as much as an unhealthy lifestyle.

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