Friday, November 19, 2010

Additional Assignment #5

Tom Johnson's Adventures In Pencil Integration:

Just teach them to solve for x was an amazing post. This was the one I commented on. I love the sarcasm in this post. The entire post was about him using metaphors to teach and someone having a problem with this. As they were making their argument they downed his methods. However, while making her argument she uses metaphors herself. I just loved it!

Next was Sketch Portraits: Eighth Grade Identity and Pencils. This was a great metaphorical post! He describes the pencil as a variety of different things. Middle school students are going through a tough phase in their lives. One day they will love you ad one day they will hate you. They may have a multitude of personalities in a given week! You must be able to cope with it and help them along.

In the next one:  He Just Likes The Class For The Pencils, Mr.Spencer explains how you must have a relationship with your students. This is such an important concept that many teachers forget! You must give respect to someone if you expect respect to be given to you.

The  Medium Shapes The Learning explains to us that we must keep the child engaged! Please, everyone remember this. Keep your students interested in what you are doing in the classroom! Do not be a hard nosed teacher who demands nothing but burp back knowledge. Please, engage your students!

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