Friday, November 5, 2010

Blog Post #11

Little Kids....Big Potential
This is just an amazing video! It is so weird knowing that these kids are using things more proficiently than I am, and that I am just now learning about each of these technologies! Ms.Cassidy has done a wonderful job with her students. They are very educated in more than just "school". It is so inspiring. Many people would be against this, but it is so good to know that she has been through it and it works so well.
Discussion with Ms. Cassidy
Ms. Cassidy has been using technology for about ten years. She started when she got 5 new computers in her classroom. They wouldn't let her download any programs on them, however. This is when she decided to let them have blogs in order to further their learning! She starts teaching them about the computers at the beginning of the year.
Her students must h ave a permission slip signed in order to have their picture taken and put onto the blog. She does not correlate the children's names with their pictures. She, also, only uses their first names. This makes the children's parents feel better about this learning experience. The parents are very supportive of their child's learning. They can check on their child's progress right from home.
The children love this way of learning! They are very excited to get on their computer everyday! They love that people can look at their blogs and leave them comments!
Ms. Cassidy thinks that every teacher should be technologically literate! I agree with her! it will make your student's learning experience so much more entertaining. They will enjoy coming to school and learning if you have the most modern way of teaching!


  1. So will you be a blogging teacher? We certainly hope so.

  2. Hey Hailey! Sorry for being late on commenting your blog. Just like you I was also amazed that children that young can do stuff i cant even do yet and Ms. Cassidy also inspired as well. She defiantly makes the learning experience entertaining while staying effective. Overall i will have to say great blog. Keep up the good work!