Sunday, November 14, 2010

Blog Assignment #12

Watch these movies: Discovery Student Movies: Technology In The Classroom and Pay Attention

Write about how these make you feel as a future teacher.

Discovery Student Movies:Technology In the Classroom

This is such a creative video by these students. Technology is in our future whether you like it or not. We might as well embrace it. Let's make our students more technologically advanced citizens. Lets allow them to enjoy going to school. I want to know who made up the rule that school must be hard and boring?! It doesn't have to be! I want my students to be engaged in what I am teaching. I want them to be interested enough to apply it to their lives!! I Do NOT believe in "burp back" education.

Pay Attention

This is an amazing video! Like I said in the paragraph above, we must engage our students!!!!!!! They must be motivated to learn. We live in a time of technology! Our students must be able to analyze and apply the problems they come across. What good have you done if you expect your student to memorize your material the night before the test in order to get a passing grade?! You have not done any good for them in the long run!! They may get a good grade on that test, but what happens when they get to college?! How will their grades look then? You must put the student first! I believe in order to do that you must be a technologically literate teacher, and you must make your students technologically literate!

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  1. Fantastic idea for a blog assignment. These videos are great. I also love the picture. Good work! SS