Saturday, October 23, 2010

Blog Post #9

Classroom Picture
What I've Learned This Year
Mr. McClung gives some great advice in this post. In summary he says don't try to be perfect and always keep your students number one! This sounds so simple, but many teachers lose sight of this. They are so concerned trying to make the perfect lesson that they forget to make sure that their class is comprehending the material being taught. He also says that you can never stop learning and to not be afraid of technology. We have learned so much about this in our EDM class already this year. It is a very important subject, and I think that is why it keeps being brought up. Many teachers get satisfied with where they are at in their teaching methods. In my opinion, and important thing to remember is one teaching method may not work for every class or every student. You must remain flexible and willing to learn more.


  1. I agree that though some teacher feel they have perfected their teaching style that teacher may not always come across to every student. Students, and teachers alike, are each different in their own way. They come to a class with their own frame of reference and learning style. It is the teachers job to pick up on these differences and alter themselves for their students.

  2. I agree that it is important to stay flexible and willing to learn more, but Mitch made a good point. He observed that the underlying theme for all of McClung's points was the affect of ATTITUDE. To me, attitude ranks among a teacher's most important attributes.